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Coronavirus. Sigh.

Does Coronavirus have you down?  Are you wondering what you might do?  Never fear!  Here are 3 things I’m doing to distract myself from everything shutting down…

  1. I’m drinking more coffee.  If cappuccinos weren’t so confounding expensive, I’d drive myself to a drive-thru and drink them all day long.  On second thought, I am a Catholic, and we’re suppose to practice moderation and all that, so maybe I’d limit myself to two–one at 6am and one at noon, to ward off that darn Noon Day Devil–but as it is, I’m lucky if I get one a week.  In any case, coffee helps, I’m telling you.
  2. I’m listening to Mariah Carey when my children aren’t around, so like during “Quiet Time.”  Naturally I’m a secret Mariah Carey admirer.  I can’t help myself.  I grew up blasting her music and singing at the top of lungs with my sister.  I know, I know, you’re going to remind me that she dresses scandalously and has terrible lyrics/music and all that, but I am a weak individual.  Mea culpa.  I’ve written about it HERE.  Pray for me.
Mariah Carey.  We should probably pray for her too.  (Picture from the public domain.)

3.  I’m painting, and I hate painting.  It’s the worst.  And every single house we move into always requires it.  How about you?  Are there any home projects that you need to get done?  Now’s the time!

BTW…the only way to survive such everlastingly tedious housework is to drink cappuccinos and blast THIS.  You know what this song is really about, right?  Not having enough coffee, of course.

Me.  Doing penance.  Hang in there, y’all!
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Mariah Carey and I: We Be Sleeping Through the Night!

Now I know that some of you grew up listening to morally questionable music.  (For those of you who didn’t, may God bless your sensible parents.)  Many of us, however, will probably spend the remainder our lives working on detachment from shady and disreputable music.

That said, I had an epiphany this morning.  So I took a Selfie, because I felt so good.  This is me below.

Ok, fine.  This is not me.  It’s Mariah Carey singing at the Edwards Air Force Base in 1998.  (Image from the Public Domain.)

Perhaps you are familiar with Ms. Mariah Carey’s number 1 song, Emotions, from 1991?  Maybe you dismissed it as just another sappy, love song?  Well, it turns out, that Ms. Carey was actually writing a song about what it feels like to sleep through the night.*

Yes, that’s right, and to prove it, I’ll put the lyrics below.  (Click HERE for a youtube version of the song.)**

I know her song is about sleeping through the night, because this morning, when I woke up after having slept for five whole hours in a row, which is almost as good as sleeping through the night, I immediately heard her song Emotions come to me, as if from on High.  I felt like dancing!  I felt like David before the Ark of the Covenant!  To put it in her own modest words, “I feel good.  I feel nice.  I’ve never been so satisfied!”

Of course I immediately thanked God for the miracle of five uninterrupted hours of sleep.  And then, after Morning Prayer, I blasted that song for the goodwill and posterity of all.

I hope you all had a good night of sleep too.  And No, I didn’t drink a pot of coffee this morning.  I didn’t need to after sleeping that much.  I only drank two cups.

Abridged Lyrics for Emotions by Ms. Mariah Carey

You’ve got me feeling emotions
Deeper than I’ve ever dreamed of
You’ve got me feeling emotions
Higher than the heavens above

I feel good, I feel nice
I’ve never felt so satisfied
I’m in love, I’m alive
Intoxicated, flyin’ high

You’ve got me feeling emotions
Deeper than I’ve ever dreamed of
You’ve got me feeling emotions
Higher than the heavens above
In the morning
When I rise
You are the first thing
On my mind
It feels like a dream
I don’t know if it’s real
But I like the way I feel inside

You’ve got me feelin’ emotions
Deeper than I’ve ever dreamed of
You’ve got me feelin’ emotions
Higher than the heavens above

*Ok fine, this song is probably not about sleeping through the night.
**You’ll notice that I’ve attached the YouTube version of this song without the actual video, because for some reason, Ms. Carey forgot to button her blouse all the way.  Some people are just so scandalous.