Monthly Picks

February Picks

Here are some of my favorite things for February:

Favorite New Parish:  St. James the Less in La Crosse, WI.  Seriously, we couldn’t have landed in a better place for kind families, beautiful Latin Masses, and heavenly scholas.  I’ll telling you, this place has got it going on.  They even have potlucks every Sunday after the 11am Mass.  It’s all such a blessing.

Favorite Outdoor Activity:  Hiking.  The weather seems so much more mild here that it makes it easy to be out-of-doors.

Hiking around Grandad’s Bluff

I would be remiss, however, if I didn’t mention all the sledding going on.  The boys drag their sleds almost every day to the park and sled down the steep sides into the baseball field.

Favorite Cocktail:  The Copyright, which is a signature drink from the La Crosse Distilling Co. and consists of Barrel-aged Fieldnotes Potato Vodka, Orange Liqueur, Honey, Lemon, and Angostura Bitters.  Here a picture of it:

High Rye Highball on the left and Copyright on the right.

This place was hopping last Saturday night.  We can’t wait to go back and try more local drinks.  Click HERE for their website and more pictures.

Family Game of the Month:  Last month was Catan, and indeed, the children are still at it, but lately Chess has captured more attention.  This is because the 4 older children played in a local Chess Tournament, wherein The Eldest actually took the championship. She claims it was all luck.  My husband said it was all his doing with his careful and attentive teaching at home.  Her brothers say that she owes it all to them for spending hours playing with her, and I say it was all due to her grandpa’s expertise and guidance.

This tournament was a “Swiss” style tournament with 5 rounds.  (Whatever that means.  I’ve never played Chess in my life.)  It was held at Providence Academy.

Best Amazon Purchase:  My 3 Tier 12 Bottle Wine Rack for $14.99.  Too bad it didn’t come stocked with wine.

Most Enjoyable February Book:  Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.  I’m revisiting it again, probably for the 4th or 5th time.  If you’ve never read it, you’re missing out.  Mr. Rochester is my all-time favorite male character in a novel.  Yes, he even beats Mr. Darcy from Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  HERE’S my favorite Audible version.

My Kids’ Favorite February Supper:  Hot dogs.  Yuck.  Just yuck.  But I was desperate the other day.  We were in Survival Mode.

That’s sauerkraut on the back burner.

And here’s what I had for supper that night…

That’s my new wine rack in the background.

Anybody have anything good to share for February?

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: Cross Ranch State Park

How was your week?  Here are a few highlights from mine.

  1. My penny-swallowing, car-jumping acrobatic son is doing well, as you can see from the photo below.  Thank you to everyone who expressed concern!   (For those of you who missed the drama, click HERE for the details.)
Double thumbs up, y’all.  Life is worth living.

2.  Last Sunday we took the children to Cross Ranch State Park.  (Click HERE for  their website.)  It’s in the middle of nowhere, off of a gravel road, and on the Missouri River.  It’s gorgeous, and it’s peaceful.  They’ve got beautiful hiking trails of all lengths – anywhere from a mile to 10 or more.  We did about a 2-mile loop.

3.  Once my husband and I went by ourselves and did the 9 or so mile loop through the bottomland, cottonwood forest.  Man, were we sore!  This was back in the day when we were crazy and had already ran a couple of miles in the morning and then thought, gee, let’s go hike another 10.  Not doing that again!

4.  So anyway, back to last Sunday.  The children loved every minute of it.  And we only had two ticks on us.  I was a bit surprised about the ticks, as it seemed awfully early for them, but I can handle just two.

5.  We didn’t see any crocus flowers yet, which was disappointing, as they typically grow in abundance up on the Upper Ma-ak-oti Trail.  In fact, we didn’t see any green plants, yet.  No bugs either.  Just ticks.