Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: Cross Ranch State Park

How was your week?  Here are a few highlights from mine.

  1. My penny-swallowing, car-jumping acrobatic son is doing well, as you can see from the photo below.  Thank you to everyone who expressed concern!   (For those of you who missed the drama, click HERE for the details.)
Double thumbs up, y’all.  Life is worth living.

2.  Last Sunday we took the children to Cross Ranch State Park.  (Click HERE for  their website.)  It’s in the middle of nowhere, off of a gravel road, and on the Missouri River.  It’s gorgeous, and it’s peaceful.  They’ve got beautiful hiking trails of all lengths – anywhere from a mile to 10 or more.  We did about a 2-mile loop.

3.  Once my husband and I went by ourselves and did the 9 or so mile loop through the bottomland, cottonwood forest.  Man, were we sore!  This was back in the day when we were crazy and had already ran a couple of miles in the morning and then thought, gee, let’s go hike another 10.  Not doing that again!

4.  So anyway, back to last Sunday.  The children loved every minute of it.  And we only had two ticks on us.  I was a bit surprised about the ticks, as it seemed awfully early for them, but I can handle just two.

5.  We didn’t see any crocus flowers yet, which was disappointing, as they typically grow in abundance up on the Upper Ma-ak-oti Trail.  In fact, we didn’t see any green plants, yet.  No bugs either.  Just ticks.

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday – Swallowing Pennies & Ponytails

How was your week?  Here are a few highlights from mine:

1. Is it Earth Day yet?  I don’t even know when Earth Day is, but my children picked up trash along the ditches the other day.  They said that they were bored.  So I gave them something to do.  (You’d think that they’d learn not to vocalize such things as boredom.)

Here they are with their trash.

2. My son swallowed a penny.  This was exciting for a minute or two, as I contemplated rushing to the Emergency Room.  But as he was not choking, and only mildly uncomfortable, I decided to call a dear friend, who’s daughter a year or so ago swallowed a nickel.  And as her daughter didn’t have any problems, and the nickel eventually passed through her system, I decided to wait and see how things would turn out for my son.

About 4 minutes after the initial hysteria, he was running around and eating Cheerios and torturing his sisters.  So I concluded that he’d be fine.  By the way, this is the same son who decided it was a good idea to jump off the roof of the car to the garage landing and missed.  (If you’re wondering, he’s the guy in the green short-sleeved shirt in the photo above.)

3.  There was a great Barn Razing in South Dakota, as my family tore down the old barn.  This is the same barn in which my dad had egg fights with his brother.  And shot pigeons and rats in too.

There she goes.

And gone.

IMG_7056 2.jpg

4.  Ever wonder about ponytails?  I was thinking about this the other day, while putting a ponytail in my daughter’s hair.  What a funny name.  I mean, we named a hair style after the rear end of a horse?  I’ve never done the research, but this is interesting stuff.  It’s like when your hair is really, really messy, and we say, “Your hair looks like a rat’s nest.”  Now that makes sense.  Or, “Your room is like a pig sty.”  Ok.  But a ponytail?  Why not a Cascading Waterfall?  That’s sounds more elegant.

And then there are pigtails…I don’t even know what to think about that.

5.  Some of you may be wondering how Strider’s doing?  He’s well, as you can see from the photo.

Strider.  King of Cats.
Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday – Toddlers & Guns?

How did your week go?  Here are a few highlights from mine:

  1. At the Easter Vigil, the lady sitting behind my husband was genuinely concerned that the toddler might start something on fire.  Like my husband.  So she kindly tapped him on the shoulder and offered to hold his candle, but of course he could not give up the candle because then the toddler would scream.  Candles are so much fun at Mass!
  2. Anybody have problems keeping toddlers in Time Out?
Time Out Chair.  Notice how it’s empty?

My toddler was supposed to be sitting in the Time Out Chair, but if nobody’s watching her, of course she’s going to get out.  Here’s where I found her this morning:

So cute.  And so naughty!

No, this is not her crib.  No, those are not her pacifiers.  But she thought it would be really fun to climb into her baby sister’s crib and pretend to be the baby.

3.  Why say something in 3 words when you candy it in thirty?  This is the motto of my fifth child, a girl of course.  “Mom, she pulled my hair.  And it really hurt, and I told her that.  She grabbed my hair like this, see?  Then pulled it really hard, like this.  Then I cried, and told her to stop it, but she just laughed and kept right on pulling.  Mom, I really don’t see why she gets away with this sort of behavior all the time…”  Blah, blah, blah.

4.  My parents visited us for a few days.  My dad is a great story teller.  This time it was all about guns and rodents.  He grew up on a farm with 7 brothers and sisters, and for awhile they had chickens, like a lot of chickens.  Seriously, 12,000 of them.  Now being the youngest, it was his job to pick eggs with his brother.  Of course they had egg fights, but the real fun was shooting the rats with a BB gun.  There was never a shortage.  And then for more fun, they’d go find the bull and shoot him in the behind, just to watch him tear around a bit.  Then when they were sick of that, they’d shoot pigeons.  But never, never did they shoot any robins.  For they were always sternly warned by their mother, “If I ever, ever catch you boys shooting any robins, I’m gonna take your guns, I’m gonna give your guns to your father, and he’s gonna run ’em over with the 806!”  (An 806 is a tractor, by the way.)

My dad’s mother is the same woman who wore lipstick every day of her life.  For good measure, here she is:

Grandma Martha.  Want your day to be brighter?  Just wear lipstick.

5.  Drink of the week:  Lemon Martini.  I know, I know…it’s not a real martini because it’s made with vodka instead of gin.  But let me tell you, it’s great.

It’s made with freshly squeezed lemons.  I love my husband.


Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday

I know that today is not Friday, but that is just how things are going right now.

More snow.  This child loves it!

So what happened in my household this week?

  1. The toddler was thirsty, and as nobody was filling her cup with water, she took matters into her own hands.  She toddled to the bathroom and filled her cup to the brim with toilet water and enjoyed a nice, long draft.  No matter that someone’s bowel movement was still floating around in there.
  2. During this week’s snow storm, Child #4 wandered around in the garage because he was bored.  He decided to test his jumping skills by climbing onto my husband’s car and then mustering all his strength, leapt from there to the doorway landing.  But he miscalculated, overestimating his strength and missed.  Instead, he landed half in a recyclable bin and half out.  Evidently, this was painful for him.
  3. I almost got stuck in our driveway with our Sweet Ride – our 15-passenger van – because last week some snow melted and left a muddy mess and then this week, it snowed again.
  4. I have a son that thinks this muddy snow is awesome.  Every day he throws his boots on and rides his bike up and down the driveway in the mud.  He loves watching the mud fly everywhere – all over his bike, all over him.  And I get to do extra laundry.
  5. It’s the end of March, and it’s still snowing here, by the way.  I’ve decided that we live in Narnia – prior to the arrival of the four children and the great thaw – and I am the White Witch.  Yikes.  Hence the previous post!