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Little Twins Laid to Rest: Photo Post

Dear Readers, today I offer a few photos from a week ago, when we were able to lay the miscarried twins to rest at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Here is Mary’s fountain. She watches over the Memorial to the Unborn and all the little babies resting there.

Standing near Mary, looking at the Memorial. The small tombs are in the walls and marked with granite slabs.

One of the Shrine fathers–Fr. Joachim here–leads our family to the twins’ resting place where he will lead us in prayer and the blessing of the tomb.

The twins are entombed in one of the middle granite slabs. You can see they are not alone.

We wrote a little note for the twins on the underside of their box, wherein they lie.

The Holy Angels watch over and protect all the little babies.

7 thoughts on “Little Twins Laid to Rest: Photo Post”

  1. Very beautiful! May Raphael Marie and Daniel Marie intercede for all of you ceaselessly until your family is united in Heaven xoxo


  2. I just saw this Kim. This is a beautiful resting place for your sweet boys. May God keep them and bless your sweet family.


  3. Dear Kim, What struck me most about this was what a beautiful witness this is and what a powerful message this is to your living children especially. How blessed you all are not only to be able to acknowledge and love your little ones together as a family (this acknowlegement of loss can be a taboo in many families eg. from grief or doubt about the personhood of the unborn etc.) but also to know that they are safe in God’s Hands forever. What a beautiful lasting monument for your little ones… may you all one day meet in joy together in heaven!


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