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Book of the Year: Schneider’s Christus Vincit

Angelico Press recently released Bishop Athanasius Schneider’s book Christus Vincit: Christ’s Triumph Over the Darkness of the Age this last September.  Click HERE for it on Amazon.


I am so thankful to God and to Bishop Schneider for this clear and moving account of the affairs in the Church.  Seriously, this is the best book I’ve read in a long while.

I came across this book in an interesting manner.  Of course I had heard about it’s coming release this last summer, but what with Paul’s medical problems, I couldn’t pay much attention.  Then a friend, who knew how our family suffered by lack of a regular Traditional Latin Mass in our diocese, read this book and found much hope in it.  She mailed me a copy by way of a gift.

The book, however, sat on my shelf for about a month, for the simple reason that I was trying to force feed myself Cardinal Sarah’s book.  (Not worth it, by the way.)

Then one night I couldn’t sleep.  As this happens to me a lot, I’ve tried to just accept it and be grateful for it.

I have a plan, though, for when it does strike:

  1. If I’ve been lying there for about 15 minutes or so, I force myself to get up.  (I hate getting out of bed.)
  2. Then I walk to the living room and kneel before our icon of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in complete darkness and cold.
  3. I tell Jesus what’s on my mind, and He looks at me.
  4. Then I pray a Divine Mercy Chaplet for all my intentions.

Normally I can then walk back to bed and fall fast asleep.  But not this night.  No, I was wide awake.  So I sat on the couch in complete darkness and watched the stars out of the window.  It was quiet and beautiful.

Then I remembered Schneider’s book, sitting on my bookshelf.  I picked it up, out of curiosity, and couldn’t believe the story I was soon reading.  The story of a family surviving cruel and inhumane gulag camps in the Ural Mountains.  The story of persecution and faith in communist Russia.  The story of a young man experiencing the liberal craziness of 1970s Germany.  The story of a bishop shepherding his flock in the midst of raving wolves.

I’m telling you, it’s gripping.  It’s clear.  It’s prophetic.

It’s the best book I’ve read all year.

Parting Note

I’ll be on silent retreat for 4 days, starting Thursday.  I am looking forward to it, as it’s been 2 years, I think, since I’ve had the opportunity of attending one.

Have you ever been on silent retreat?  If not, I recommend it.  I know of no one who has ever regretted giving time to God in this way.

6 thoughts on “Book of the Year: Schneider’s Christus Vincit”

  1. Where will you be on silent retreat? I am going on one beginning Thursday as well & even though it’s only been a year since my last one I am very much looking forward to the quiet time with Jesus. I hope yours is wonderful.


  2. Out of curiosity, did he mentioned any ideas for our hope for the future. The future life of our world as in ideas like the Era of Peace/Reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary/1000 years of peace? Or did he say things along the lines of…our hope is life everlasting in heaven, our true home and the beatific vision..or we’ll never attain peace of this planet…but in heaven we will have peace eternal? I’m curious where he’s coming from in this regard. Thanks!


    1. Dear Maria, he speaks a lot of the role of Russia, as she’s tied up with Fatima. (His parents met and married in gulag camps, and he was raised there until he was about 10, I think.) While he does discuss Russia’s consecration to Mary’s Immaculate Heart, he does not speculate on the 1000 years of peace. Rather, he emphasizes that our times are filled with unprecedented evil, but that there’s great hope in faithful families. Families are finally waking up after years of liturgical and clerical abuse. He places much blame on complicit bishops and priests gutting the Mass and ripping apart altars, etc.

      I promise you, Maria, you won’t regret reading his book!


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