Christ-Like Minimalism

Christ-like Minimalism: The Bathroom

Bathrooms may be the easiest room to simplify.  What does one really need?

  1. Toilet Paper
  2. A Towel
  3. Soap
  4. Toothbrush & Toothpaste
My bathroom

Oh, but the reality is, I’ve got more in mine.

I have a hair dryer, flat iron, and hair spray.  I also have mascara and a cosmetic compact, with two different colors of lipstick.  I’ve got 4 bottles of lotion.  (Mea culpa.)  My husband has shaving cream, deodorant, and a set of hair clippers.  He also keeps a Bible and Euclid’s Elements “on his side.”  (I suppose because it’s the only place where he can read uninterrupted??)

There are other things too.  I’ve got a household of 9 people to keep track of.  Therefore, I tend to buy things in bulk.  I’ve got three bottles of contact solution.  And a ton of toilet paper below the sink.

Here’s an inside shot of the upper cabinet.
And here’s the lower part of the cabinet with medicine on top and my things below.

In any case, someday I hope to have less.  But for now, here’s what I can recommend.

Tips for Less in the Bathroom:

  1. Limit the number of bottles in your shower.  I’ve got 3: my shampoo, body wash, and my husband’s shampoo.  Really, we could get by with 1.
  2. Limit the number of towels and washcloths in your cabinet.  The children have 1 towel each in their bathrooms, and my husband and I each have 2.
  3. Throw that old medicine away.  If you haven’t used it in a year, it’s probably bad anyway.
  4. Throw those old cosmetics away and buy less!

The last thing I’ll recommend for your bathroom is a holy picture or crucifix.  I have St. Therese right my by sink, and sometimes, when I’m brushing my teeth or doing whatever, I talk to her.  Yes, I might be a little crazy, but she always listens.

What’s by your sink?


6 thoughts on “Christ-like Minimalism: The Bathroom”

  1. While we have numerous crucifix (most of them from family funerals) in different rooms of our home, I have not considered the bathroom. Thanks for the idea.


    1. Hanging something holy on the bathrooms walls became especially important around here when my son became sick. Unfortunately he spends a lot of time in the “boy” bathroom throwing up, so we hung a picture of St. Paul, his patron saint, right where he could see him.


  2. The best part of minimalizing is that the kids are catching on. Yesterday my 2 adult offspring living at home decided to go through their bathroom and get rid of all the stuff that wasn’t theirs (that had at one time, long long ago, belonged to their long since moved out siblings. There was a lot to throw out and a lot to donate. I guess watching me, mom, going about minimalizing is catching on. On our sinks is just the basics, makes it so much easier to clean the bathroom.


  3. I have a crucifix on the wall, a Mary statue on the counter and a couple prayer cards taped to the mirror. One is a pic of St. Gianna with a prayer and the other is St. Therese . I also talk to St Gianna. You are not crazy!


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