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Ash Wednesday & Fasting

Good Morning, and Welcome to Lent!

Just got back from Mass.  My ashes are stuck in my forehead creases.

If you’re looking for a really good video on fasting, look no further!  Dr. Taylor Marshall and Timothy Gordon knock it outta da park HERE.  The history of the tradition of fasting is fascinating, but my husband and I were really inspired by what these gentlemen are  doing.

Seriously, watch it tonight with your spouse.  Again, it’s HERE.

2 thoughts on “Ash Wednesday & Fasting”

  1. Dr. Taylor Marshall podcasts (especially those with Timothy Gordon) are “must listen” every Monday, Wednesday, Friday (and the occasional bonus weekend podcast). I had never heard of a black fast before TNT’s fasting podcast.


    1. I had never heard of a Black Fast either. My husband, however, has been looking into this stuff recently and was especially interested in this episode because he’s attempting something similar to Dr. Marshall. (Crazy!) He wants a challenge. We’ll see how it goes!


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