Christ-Like Minimalism, Flashback Friday

Minimalism & Sceptic Pumps

  1. Yep, it’s Thursday.  But I have a busy day tomorrow and would like this post to go out today.
  2. I was recently interviewed by Mrs. Laura Gardner for her company’s blog.  The topic was Minimalism.  If you’re curious click HERE for it.  All the photos in her article are from my home.

    Like this one.  It’s my living room.
  3. I want to highlight the book she mentions at the beginning of her article.  This book was life-changing for me.  If you need a little kick in the behind to get rid of some of your stuff, then read THIS.  It’s Fr. Thomas DuBay’s Happy Are You Poor: The Simple Life and Spiritual Freedom.
  4. Man, this book is tough to swallow.  But it’s true.  Your exterior surroundings are a reflection of what’s going on inside you.  One ought to live, in his words, “Gospel Frugality.”  (I have a long, long way to go.)  This is the key, however.  I like DuBay’s phrase – Gospel Frugality – because it suggests something that “Minimalism” doesn’t.  In short, it means that God cares how you live.  And unless you get that, you’re not going to simplify your life.  Or your possessions.  (And no, it doesn’t mean living in squalor with zero possessions.)
  5. This week our sceptic pump went out.  That was exciting.  Actually, the pump probably gave way some time ago, but we didn’t know it.  We thought maybe a kid shoved something down the toilet in the basement, as that toilet wasn’t flushing properly.  We shrugged it off and told everyone to use the upstairs toilet, hoping to get around to having it fixed sometime in February.  Well, then my husband noticed that the water level was much higher in the furnace room drain.  Then the upstairs toilet wouldn’t flush fully.  Then my husband investigated and discovered that the sceptic tank wasn’t draining because the pump wasn’t working.
  6. Do you have any idea how big of a disaster this might have been?  Imagine the nastiest fecal matter you can.  Imagine the stench.  Imagine it inches deep all over your house!  Oh praise God for observant and inquisitive husbands!
  7. In case you’re wondering, the matter has now been resolved.  We have a new sceptic pump, and everything is functioning properly.  Deo gratias.
  8. How was your week?

5 thoughts on “Minimalism & Sceptic Pumps”

  1. This is great! I have always admired the minimalist surroundings when I’m at your place. Great article by Laura too. I may need to get my hands on that book at some point…


    1. Yes, just lead by example. Surely he wouldn’t mind if you went through your things? For example, maybe you just sift through your clothing, etc.? Or how about the kitchen? If he isn’t the cook, he probably won’t notice if you give away the items you don’t use. I wouldn’t push him or say anything. As far as toys, since your husband may be sensitive, just notice what things the children don’t play with and suggest donating them.

      If you have a discussion, let it not be about any of his “junk,” but let it be about teaching your children sharing and gratitude. And how can they be thankful if they own every blasted toy in the universe?

      That would be a tough thing, though. I suspect patience and kindness will help your cause in the long run.


      1. Thank you or such a great response! Yes, I have gone through my kitchen and closet before. I could probably purge more from those places and also tackle some baby stuff in storage. It is frustrating that our one car garage is packed to the brim with tools and things. We even built a shed over the summer to solve this and now both are packed full. His approach is to keep everything because you “might need it one day”. Perhaps I’ll have to order that book and read parts aloud to him!

        Also someone shared this article and I wanted to pass it on:


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