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Update: Kagan’s August Letter

Dear Readers,

I’ve heard back from Bishop Kagan’s office, and can now offer an update:

Bishop Kagan did write a letter to the faithful of the Bismarck Diocese in August, pertaining the Homosexual Abuse Crisis.  Apparently it was to have been read at all the Masses that weekend.  It is HERE.

2 thoughts on “Update: Kagan’s August Letter”

  1. It should have been read at all Masses August 26th, I know it was read at the Church of St Anne’s in Bismarck and I saw it in the Christ the King bulletin from that week.

    Here is the letter Bishop Kagan wrote:

    Dear Friends in Christ,
    I write to you in order to speak about that which I have always thought is unspeakable, that is, about the sexual abuse and molestation of children, minors. The
    recent revelations regarding McCarrick and what transpired in the State of Pennsylvania are simply horrific and worse, grievously and mortally sinful. These acts of raw
    immorality done by clergy and then either dismissed or covered up by other clergy are evil in its real form.
    Those who have done these terrible things must be prosecuted civilly to the fullest extent allowable by the law. They must have the severest Church penalties
    imposed on them for the most serious sins and crimes against the Sixth Commandment of God. Every priest and bishop before ordination makes a Profession of Faith and
    takes an Oath of Fidelity to speak and act so as to build up the Church and to set the example for all entrusted to their spiritual care. As we have been made painfully
    aware, this has not been done and all guilty of this must answer for their actions.
    However, what about you, our Catholic faithful as you do your very best to remain faithful to Christ and His Church? Where does that leave our good and faithful
    priests, deacons and religious men and women as they do their very best to fulfill their vocations in service to you? This leaves us all ashamed with a sense of real anger
    that we have been betrayed but it should not leave us in despair or despondency. On the contrary, this is a time of purification by the Holy Spirit and especially for all of us
    who are blessed to be the shepherds of souls and the guides for others to Christ. This kind of evil can only be driven out by sincere prayer and penance and I have committed
    myself to do this daily in reparation for these grievous offences. In your charity, if you can, I ask you to join me. Just as important, we must pray for all of the victims and
    their families who have been so wounded that they will have peace and consolation and that they do not lose hope.
    Our Diocese has worked to fully implement the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People and we have even required more of our priests, deacons
    and all who have contact with them. Regular background checks, regular in-services by way of reminder, immediate reporting to law enforcement of allegations, removal
    from office or position upon substantiated evidence of wrong-doing, are being done and will continue.
    Apologies are meaningless. What is needed is action through prayer and penance for the victims and our willingness to sustain them in their need. I intend to
    continue to do this and I call on all of our priests, deacons, employees and volunteers to continue to do the same.
    Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us! Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!
    Faithfully yours in Christ, +David D. Kagan, Bishop of Bismarck


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