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I Am Mad.

Usually I like to keep the content of these pages positive, but I have to speak up, if only once.  So today, if you’re not interested, I’ll see you at a later post.

I am angry about the Homosexual Church Crisis.

I am angry because of all the silence from the bishops.*  Those of you who may be following what’s going on in the Church know what I’m talking about.  The inability of our bishops to do or say anything helpful is supremely frustrating.

Lately my husband and I have been watching Dr. Taylor Marshall on YouTube, and he’s making a lot of sense.  But just yesterday I came across Fr. Mark Goring, and I think he nailed it in one of his recent videos.  Click HERE for it.  You’ve got to watch it.

No really, like right now.  It’s only about 6 minutes long.

Now I know that Bishop Strickland of Texas spoke up at the USCCB conference, but did my bishop, Bishop Kagan?  I don’t know.  Did yours?  I tried contacting my bishop’s office, asking if he has released any statements, but I got no response.  I tried searching our diocesan website, but I found nothing.  Just more silence.  (Please, somebody, correct me if I’m wrong about this.)

Are there any priests speaking out about all this terrible business from the pulpit, for the laity to hear?  I did hear one good homily when the McCarrick Filth first broke a few months ago, but I haven’t heard anything since.  It’s like the Elephant in Room.  It’s the biggest issue of our day, and nobody wants to talk about it.  Meanwhile, the liberal media bashes the Catholic Church on all sides.  What are Catholics to believe?

I don’t want the same old solutions to these sordid problems.  I think it was G.K. Chesterton who once said that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results.  How are meetings, meetings, and more meetings helpful?  Especially when Rome, i.e. Pope Francis, ties everyone’s hands and won’t let anybody do anything.

Not that that matters.  Did you know that two-thirds of our bishops voted to not have McCarrick investigated at the USCCB meeting last week?  Two-thirds!  To my unsophisticated mind, that means that only one-third of our bishops in the US are worth anything.  Jesus’ words in Luke 18:8 ring loudly in my ears, “When the Son of man comes, will he find faith on earth?”  My goodness, bishops, speak out!

Meanwhile, the confusion only gets worse and worse.  Priests, I beg you, start speaking out from the pulpit about this.  We want to know what’s going on, and we want to be shown the path to Eternal Life.  Give us the hard, moral truths.  We want it!  LifeSiteNews gets it.  Click HERE for their latest article, quoting Msgr. Charles Pope.

The rest of you, sign up for a weekly Holy Hour and go to Adoration.  And even though I don’t remember the last time I heard a priest speak about Confession from the pulpit, I’ll say it –  go to Confession!  Today, if possible.

And pray for our cardinals, bishops, and priests.  And especially for our Holy Father.  May this terrible Homosexual Crisis be dealt with soon.


*I just came across a video highlighting the few, the very few bishops who did say something at the latest USCCB meeting.  It’s painfully short, but nevertheless, these men are the Heroes of the Day.  (Along with Archbishop Vigano.)  Click HERE for it.

6 thoughts on “I Am Mad.”

  1. With completele love and kindness I offer the following. I do not believe the issue is homosexuality. To focus on this feels like a witch hunt and misses the issue completely. The issue is a entitled mindset and self prescribed belief of some individuals regarding the power and position they hold . A mindset that allows them to believe that their desire and will is of greater importance than another human being and of those they serve. “Absolute power corrupts”. A servant mindset would never take advantage of another person. A person who operated from a position of compassion and humility would not take advantage of another person. A church that operates from a position of humility and compassion would not tolerate being hurtful of another human being. I love our church. I pray for accountability, I pray for voices of character that confront this issue without creating another class of victims. As. a survivor myself of a violent crime , and having experienced betrayal by our church, nothing less is acceptable


    1. Iif I may… a P.S…. I am so glad you write. Complacency is a powerful tool of the devil, and I think it is easy for us to become bewildered by the issues and find ourselves checking out. We need to have conversations , we need to be engaged , we need to be awake and paying attention. Thank you so much for inspiring us and being brave . Your voice is needed in the world!! Keep sharing ❤️

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  2. Don’t lose hope – there ARE priest talking about this from the pulpit. Here in the diocese of Minneapolis/St. Paul, our priest (Fr. Echert) and the assistant priest have spoke on the scandal several times and have said they won’t stop talking about it. The associate priest (Fr. Geabner) event read the entire third letter from Vigano during his homily. I’m hoping they touch on this recent vote on Sunday. I also hear about this on catholic radio shows like Teresa Tomeo and Al Kresta.

    I also wanted to share a link with you and your readers. It isn’t the vote you mention in this post, but pertains to the statements given back in August/September about the scandal and cover ups in general.


    1. Thank you so much for the link and your encouraging words! It is good to know that some priests are speaking out. And I often forget about Catholic Radio, which is a great source for information, especially talk show hosts Teresa Tomeo and Al Kresta.


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