Flashback Friday

FF: Wherein Kim Loses Her Mind Showing Her House

How was your week?  Here are a few highlights from mine:

  1. I had a lovely time cleaning and showing my house all week.  Not.
  2. Right before a showing, Child #5 “accidentally” dumped a pot of dirt all over her bedroom floor, in the carpet.  But did she clean it up?  Or come tell me about it?  Oh no.  Rather, she just shut her bedroom door and hopped into the van, ready to leave, happy as a lark.  I, however, always do a last minute walk-through to check for such things as unflushed toilets (happens every time), holes in the walls (just once, thank the Lord), or in this case, pots of dirt flung all over the place.  I am sorry to say, that I did not handle this situation very well.  I yelled.
  3. Selling houses is not for the weak.  One must buck up.  And spend extra time in the confessional.
  4. The following is a picture of me leaving my house.
Notice my red lipstick?  And my curled hair?  These things are so necessary when one is stressed out.  See my 7 kids in the back?  No?

5.  Well, it’s not snowing outside.  This is good!

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