Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: Cross Ranch State Park

How was your week?  Here are a few highlights from mine.

  1. My penny-swallowing, car-jumping acrobatic son is doing well, as you can see from the photo below.  Thank you to everyone who expressed concern!   (For those of you who missed the drama, click HERE for the details.)
Double thumbs up, y’all.  Life is worth living.

2.  Last Sunday we took the children to Cross Ranch State Park.  (Click HERE for  their website.)  It’s in the middle of nowhere, off of a gravel road, and on the Missouri River.  It’s gorgeous, and it’s peaceful.  They’ve got beautiful hiking trails of all lengths – anywhere from a mile to 10 or more.  We did about a 2-mile loop.

3.  Once my husband and I went by ourselves and did the 9 or so mile loop through the bottomland, cottonwood forest.  Man, were we sore!  This was back in the day when we were crazy and had already ran a couple of miles in the morning and then thought, gee, let’s go hike another 10.  Not doing that again!

4.  So anyway, back to last Sunday.  The children loved every minute of it.  And we only had two ticks on us.  I was a bit surprised about the ticks, as it seemed awfully early for them, but I can handle just two.

5.  We didn’t see any crocus flowers yet, which was disappointing, as they typically grow in abundance up on the Upper Ma-ak-oti Trail.  In fact, we didn’t see any green plants, yet.  No bugs either.  Just ticks.

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