Life is Worth Living

I Want Big Hair

I’ve got two things for you on this Monday morning.

One.  I was playing pinochle the other night, and actually winning, when I made a new discovery that could be life-changing.  You see, while we were playing cards and drinking coronas with lime, we were listening to 90s Country Music and playing Name That Band.  Then Wynonna Judd belted out No One Else on Earth, and I had an epiphany.

Why does it seem like she’s always having fun?  It’s because she has Big Hair.  And Big Hair is just more fun, and this is a fact of life.

Now I don’t complain about my hair very much, but I’ve been trying to grow it out for half of a year, and it’s gotten nowhere.  The problem is that my hair is thin and straggly and doesn’t want to grow.  Every now and then, especially if I’m having a bad day, I’ll get out my hair spray and do my best, but I’m telling you, it’s nothing like Wynonna’s hair.  She’s even got a mullet.*

Maybe I need hair extensions.

Or maybe I should ask a priest to bless my hair?  (You know I’m kidding, right?)

I wonder, what would my children say if I strolled out to the breakfast table sporting Big Hair?  Or better yet, if I greeted my husband with that kind of lovely wildness?  (They’d all laugh and love it.)

Well, I think that covers my first point.  I’m sorry I couldn’t find a free picture of Wynonna from the 90s to support my point.

Two.  Our snow is almost gone.  Yesterday it was 40 degrees.  This makes me very happy. And I do have a picture to illustrate this.  See my husband below.

Notice the tiny bit of snow in the background?  It’s almost gone!



P.S.  I’ll have you notice one more thing about Wynonna.  If you’ll remember, she was always wearing lipstick too.
*Did you know that in 1994 the Beastie Boys coined the term “mullet” in their song Mullet Head, which of course refers to a particular hairstyle.   If you didn’t know that, then you can thank your parents for keeping you from the wastelands of our culture.  The rest of us, well…we better do some cleansing.

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