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5 Things I Hide From the Children

Now I have a few things that I prefer to hide from my children.  And I know you’ve got a few things that you hide from your children too.  So, I thought it might be interesting to share this short list with you.

5 Things I Hide From the Children

  1. Play Doh.  This might label me as a crank, but I don’t like this stuff.  I only save it for two reasons.  1.)  It’s twenty below outside, and the children are driving me crazy.  2.)  My floor needs to be swept and scrubbed anyway.  In the meantime, I hide this dangerous stuff in a locked cabinet.
It must have been an awfully cold day.

2.  My Scissors.  You might think that I’m hiding these dangerous blades because I’m afraid the children will run round, with that sharp, pointy end directed towards their little eyeballs?  No.  No, that is not why I hide my scissors.  I hide my scissors because they’re always stealing it because they’ve lost theirs.  And they want to cut cardboard diaper boxes to make rockets and houses.  So, right now, my scissors is hiding on top of the refrigerator.  And they’ve resorted to knives.  (Just kidding, of course.)

3.  Tape.  Yes, the children are perpetually stealing this too.  For, how else are they to join the diaper box to the Amazon box to make something even bigger and better?  I now hide my tape in my bedroom dresser.  (As an aside, can you imagine how excited my twin boys were to receive a roll of duct tape for their birthday from their grandparents?  Excited.)

Looks like they’ve stolen my scissors and tape again.  I need new hiding places.  Do you think they’ll return these items to their proper places?  Not. A. Chance.

4.  NFP Chart.*  Does this one need explaining?  Well, I certainly don’t want to explain it to my children either.

5.  Dots.  My favorite candy.  I guess maybe this is childish and unsophisticated?  Even so, I’m not ashamed to admit it.  There’s nothing better than opening a box of Dots and eating all the red and pink ones on Date Night.  (My husband gets the other colors; he’s very sacrificial and self-denying.)  So, I try to hide my candy in an upper cabinet in my kitchen.

Anyone have anything to add the list?  If so, I’d love to hear what it is.


*Don’t know what this is?  Click HERE.


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